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Bianca Sainty Pod Fitness London Founder

Bianca sainty -


Running the London Marathon aged 35 was an epiphany for me. Weeks of training helped me to understand that regular exercise is absolutely intrinsic to mental and physical wellbeing.

I left the TV production world to retrain as a Personal Trainer in 2013 so I could help as many people as possible feel good through exercise, like me.

To start with, it was just me delivering 1to1 sessions as Bianca Sainty Personal Training. To reach more people, I decided to grow a team and evolve our sessions into the fun and effective group set-up.

Last year I finally thought of a new name for us - Pod Fitness - which much better reflects our Small Group Personal Training specialism.


Babis Kanellopoulous Pod Fitness London

babis kanellopoulos -

personal trainer

Hello, my name is Babis and I’m from Athens, Greece. Before I came to the UK, I worked in Greece as a Kickboxing instructor and athlete. Another passion of mine is trail running which has taken me to the most beautiful places.

I believe fitness is a way to explore and express yourself. Fitness is not just having a healthy and beautiful body, but also mind and spirit. Through exercise you learn to believe in yourself, overcome difficulties and gain self-confidence. I like to compare exercise with life and as life, exercise needs to be fun! As a trainer I enjoy finding new ways to make it interesting and enjoyable.

Katie Pemberton Pod Fitness London

katie pemberton -

personal trainer

Hi, I’m Katie. I specialise in Wellness, Strength, HIIT, Flexibility/Mobility & Posture.

I LOVE being a Personal Trainer because I get to help people become fitter/healthier, gain confidence, and feel good about themselves. Fitness can be for anyone, there are so many different styles and adaptions – my clients continue to learn, and so do I.

I enjoy training outdoors because it enables me to be more creative, which then keeps sessions interesting for my clients. I also like seeing the various breeds of dog that pass by, and enjoy the warmth of the sun (when it’s out!).

Faris Jorephani Pod Fitness London

faris jorephani -

Personal trainer

My love of exercise started at an early age at school competing in cross country running and tennis. But it wasn’t until after I'd spent 23 years working in the Luxury Fashion Industry as a General Manager that I decided to completely change my career and move into personal training.

So I studied hard to qualify to become a certified Personal Trainer, and then went on to do some additional courses to enhance the kind of training modalities I could offer.

I'm qualified in Pre & Post Natal exercise design, Boxing, kettle bells, suspension training and ZUU.

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