Bianca's Bitesize Blog - Take it Slow this Easter

I've been reflecting on how frantic our busy, modern lives can often be. "Hurry up, quick, come ON!", is a common, desperate refrain in our household.  Ostensibly, I yelp it at the children, but I realise in fact it is mainly directed at myself. 

I'm learning that the more I rush, the less I achieve.And, the less I remember. I often find myself at the end of the day only able to recall at a superficial level what I've been doing. I literally have given myself no time to be present in, and to enjoy, what I am doing. And that's rubbish! What isthe point, if you can't enjoy the experience along the way? 

So, I've self-prescribed a large dose of "more haste less speed" from the proverbial medicine chest. And I am already finding that going slow has many benefits. 

Take breathing: slow, deep breaths provide an almost instant reset to a calmer you. 

Going slow when you're training, can definitely reap different, and sometimes more, benefits. 


Instead of switching to autopilot when it's squat time, taking it slow allows us more time to engage with the activity and connect with the feedback from our body. We'll notice when our form starts to slip, and be able to correct it. We'll be able to focus on our breath to carry us through to the end of the set. Best of all, the more we associate with the exercise, the better it is for our mental wellbeing. The many mental tabs that may be open will shut themselves down as we focus on just that one thing.    

Slowing right down to a gentle walking pace helps us really notice life around us. Weirdly, despite moving slowly, we feel like we have more time. Noticing things enhances our experience, and also our memory of it. 


Look at these pink bluebells that we spotted in the medieval lanes of Lewes in Sussex. My childhood garden had a sea of bluebells in it every year, so I'm fond of them and always look out for them. But I've never seen a pink variety before - what a delight to spot them! 
And look at this gate. Can you see the dove, calmly perched there, unfazed by our noisy approach? 


Two special little details that I would have missed entirely if I had been in my usual "rush mode". 

Whatever you're up to this bank holiday, I can highly recommend you try to allow yourself time to go slow, to notice, even for just a few minutes. 


 The "HEALTH & FITNESS CLINIC" is back! 

I am delighted to be re-instating this opportunity for some face-to-face time with you. Come and see me for a goal refresh, a training review, or for a general chat about your health, fitness and wellbeing. Either just drop-in to see me, or book a 30-minute time slot by emailing    

Find me at our lovely local, Bears Ice Cream, W12 on these dates and times:
Friday 26th April 10am-12pm
Saturday 11th May 9-11am
Friday 24th May 9-11am

Failing that, you can always join me for the Monday lunchtime RIVER WALK, starting again from 29th April. Meet me at Furnival Gardens, by the Dove Pub alleyway, at 12.30pm for 30 minutes easy-going walk.

Either way, I look forward to seeing you soon! 


Bianca Sainty
Founder, Pod Fitness