Bianca's Bitesize Blog - Embracing Bracing Weather

Today I want to talk to you about why it is crucial for our wellbeing to get outdoors every day, whatever the weather. And indeed in spite of the weather. 

When it’s cold and wet outside, it can just be too tempting to stay indoors where it’s warm and cosy. We choose this as the better, perhaps even the safer, option. But is this actually good for us? 

Weather has a profound effect on our wellbeing. Just as bright sunshine cheers everyone up, the flip side is true too: dark clouds outside can cast heavy shadows on our internal world. Our mood can drop, we feel less motivated to go outside, we might then later regret wimping out, we gradually feel more intimidated by bad weather…and so the unhelpful cycle continues. 
The more we disconnect from the outdoors, the worse we feel. And in the winter months, when days are dispiritingly short, it’s even more important to get our daily fix. I have definitely found that when I’m feeling low, I’ll want to moulder on indoors. When I can muster up the strength to quash this unhelpful instinct, and to head outdoors, I absolutely feel better, always. 
Sure it’s wonderful when the soft winter sun beckons. But, surprisingly perhaps, the benefits multiply when it’s wet, windy and horrible out there. There is something about defying the weather that is extra-invigorating.

Recently I went for a run in the pouring rain. I may be a red, sweaty and soggy mess, but I felt EPIC! Cold raindrops darted my face, my feet were soaked from the freezing puddles, yet I felt elated, and very much alive.
If you can head out with friends, even better. Here we are just recently braving a hail storm at the start of a 4-hour walk on the South Downs. We ploughed on undeterred. Eventually the stinging hail storm passed and the sun beamed through the breezy lead clouds. We wrung out our hats and gloves, and continued on, drying out as we walked and chatting away happily. We all agreed that our walk felt all the more rewarding because we persevered through the inauspicious start. 

There are even more bonuses to exercising outdoors in cold weather. One is that you burn more calories than you would exercising in warmer temperatures, as your body has to burn more calories to stay warm.  

Another is that if you’re out early, you get treated to some stunning colour sunrises, like this recent one (#nofilter). And we already know that seeing sky is good for our wellbeing.   

My challenge to you is quite simple: get yourself outdoors, and do it every day. Don’t let your plans be derailed by the weather – get adequately kitted up, and go out anyway. You will feel SO much better, take my word for it! 

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