Bianca's Blog - Even us PTs struggle sometimes...

This is me today, taking part in our 9.15 HIIT session. I might look confident but I'll be honest, I was SO nervous.  

You see it was the first time I've trained since I injured my foot back in June.
Doctor's orders were no impact. Brutal for me as someone who relies on a quick jog or kitchen boogie to clear my head and reset!

At it's worst, I couldn't even walk without pain. What upset me most was having to say no to the kids when they asked for a kick-around in the park. As the weeks went by, my mood gradually declined while simultaneously and silently, the anxiety crept up. 

As I pulled my trainers on this morning, having finally had the all-clear, I came face to face with the fact that my self-confidence had taken a huge knock. More: the angst almost stopped me completely. I was nervous of how my foot would react, I wondered if my fitness would be up to it, had I lost all my strength, was I going to embarrass myself in front of my team and clients, blah blah blah. So much self-doubt! It took a huge effort to tell my mind politely and firmly to pipe down, and to get myself out to the park. 

Was it worth it? Yes definitely. Big time, in fact! Once there, and in our PT Katie's safe and supportive hands, all my fears evaporated. My muscles tingled, my lungs expanded, my heart responded. My body felt alive again, happy at last to find the exertion it had been craving.

Best of all was that my brain was forced to shut up and focus purely on getting through the exercises. What a relief!  Even now as I write this, I feel calmer, less anxious, content even.

So, you see, even us health and fitness pros struggle sometimes. It's ok to struggle, and to admit we're struggling. Life can be tough for all of us, but it's easier to deal with if we open up.   

I hope this inspires you to get out there and do whatever makes you feel good.