Get more from your workouts with our Small group & group personal training sessions


Pod sessions bring you the focus of Personal Training plus the social benefits of training in a group. The best of both worlds you could say!

What’s more, Pod sessions are all set outdoors which is wonderful for your overall wellbeing.

Every workout will help you feel refreshed, engaged, mentally and physically energised, connected, supported and motivated. Not to mention fit, healthy and strong!  

train smart with our outdoor fitness programme

We believe Pod sessions are a smart way to train because each workout is:

  • effective - because we keep numbers small

  • always different - our team of top-class Personal Trainers plan on varied use of kit and exercises

  • sociable - you meet locals and build connections with your new training buddies

  • outdoors - gives you headspace and the added stimulation of training in the ever-changing environment

Small Group Personal Training BattleRope Boxing Hammersmith

Our mission is simple: to get you fit for life, in body and mind.

We run two sizes of Pod session - Pod4 and Pod8 - to suit different budgets.

Pod sessions take place in London’s lovely Hammersmith W6 area - in Ravenscourt Park and by the river, in Furnivall Gardens.

We’re basically an outdoor gym!

Small Group Personal Training Boxing Hammersmith


Pod4 sessions are limited to 4 clients max, so you are guaranteed a highly personal and customised workout, within our fun and dynamic small group setting.

Small Group Personal Training Bodyweight Lunge Hammersmith


Pod8 sessions are limited to 8 clients max. Keeping numbers low means we can adapt for you and ensure you get the most from your workout.

I am enjoying it hugely. It is challenging but still understanding of my dodgy knees! Everyone is friendly and supportive rather than competitive
— Sandra